• Yearly Charges of the ward school be paid alongside the Tuition charges of April. Educational cost charges of April won’t be gathered unless the Annual Charge is paid.
  • The school maintains whatever authority is needed to modify the charge calendar and principles every now and then. All expenses including Bus charge are liable to correction.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of withdrawal from the Bus, one full month’s notice is to be given. Generally the full movement charges will must be paid.
  • Charges once paid won’t be refundable.
  • Charge can be kept ahead of time for any number of months or for the full session, if so fancied toward the start of the term.
  • In the event of uncertainty with respect to the installment of any levy, Parents/ gatekeepers are encouraged to make the installment first and after that elucidate the matter.
  • Parents might sympathetic keep the charge store receipts in sheltered care and produce them to the school on confirmation of their installment.
  • Parents are asked for to give right particulars, for example, Admission Number, Name, Class and Section of the school while saving the charge.
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